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Marina Kulik

Post:  24 January 2012 in:  The Artists

Marina Kulik studied Monumental Design and graduated in Drawing, Graphics and Painting. To earn a living she worked as a waitress, DJ, designer, illustrator, executive searcher, marketing manager, teacher and a sailor – experience and inspiration for a lifetime…

Since 2000 Marina works as a full time independent artist in France. In Centre des Arts “Le Hangar” in Chateauneuf de Grasse, she teaches portrait and model drawing and aquarelle.

Marina mostly works with watercolours, on mould made or hand made paper:

“I create large size abstract aquarelles. The watercolours are transparent and they have a will of their own, dripping, flowing and drying in a way that you cannot completely control. That’s why I like them so much. There is a lot of coincidence in my work, but the basic theme is always ’Life’s pathways’. Every line, ribbon and rag in my work is a symbol for a life, with a start and an end and an ”in between” where things are happening. Affected by the behaviour of the paint and other external influences, but always coming out of my mind and imagination, I call them MyDNA”

Marina frequently has exhibitions in the South of France, the Netherlands, the UK and the United States and has built up quite a reputation for the poetic “MyDNA” series as well as her characteristic portraits, which amongst others led to a commission of the Dutch Consulate in Nice for a portrait of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.“Marina’s command of the watercolour medium ranges from the difficulties inherent in portraitures to the technical challenges of architectural renderings. However, her passion is to use watercolour as a means to explore individual unique life pathways. By searching inward she discovered the root of life choices in DNA, and continues to ask what is our place in the universe.”


  • Since 2000 Independent Artist in France
  • Teacher aquarelle, drawing, portrait and live model in Chateauneuf de Grasse
  • Consultant creative teambuilding classes for companies
  • Recent Art Gallery Dana – Iasi, Rumania – Dec 2011 -Jan 2012
  • Exhibitions Bucknell Trunk Show – Seattle,USA – November 2011
  • Belgian Grand Prix d’Aquarelle 2011 – winner Prize of the Culture Council
  • Dutch Consulate – Nice, March - Dec 2011
  • Espaces d’Antipolis – Sophia, January – April 2011
  • Salle Saint Esprit – Valbonne – December 2010
  • Nice Airport – Nice, August – October 2010
  • Casablù – Valbonne, September 2010
  • Salon d’Art Contemporaine – Valbonne, September 2010
  • Galeria de Artă ”Cupola – Iasi, Rumania, August 2010
  • Citadelle - Villeneuve Loubet, Juin 2010
  • Nice Airport (group) – Nice, May – July 2010
  • TXCell – Sophia Antipolis, October 2009 – April 2010 Casablù ‘Poetic Portraits’ – Valbonne, February 2010
  • Salle Saint Esprit – ‘Petits Formats’ December 2009
  • Franchement Art (Salon Art Contemporain) – Villefranche, Sep 2009
  • Château de Castelleras (with Sally Ducrow) – Castelleras, July 2009
  • Espace Culturel (group), Théoule - June 2009
  • Salle Saint Esprit, ‘Chatatouille’ (with Sally Ducrow) –
  • Valbonne, April – May 2009
  • Les Espaces d’Antipolis (group) -Sophia Antipolis, Jan– April 2009
  • Grand Palais (Salon de dessin et peinture à l’eau) - Paris, Nov 2008
  • Château des Demoiselles (solo) - La Motte, August 2008
  • Dr Jolanda Weerts (solo), Roquefort les Pins 2008 - 2009
  • GIE France (solo) - St Raphaël, July 2008
  • Biennale de Vence (groupe) – Vence, June 2008
  • Hotel Mandarina (solo) – Grasse, May 2008
  • Kotterer (group) – Chateauneuf, May 2008
  • RHF Agence St Tropez (solo, permanent)
  • Toco Azur (solo) - Prom.des Anglais, Nice, January2008
  • Hoeksche Waard (concours d’Art, 2nd prize) – Netherlands, 2006
  • RHF Agence Valbonne (solo, permanent)
  • Biennale de Vence (group) Vence, 2004
  • De Hoge Weide (group) - Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • Rhizome (solo), Fayence
  • Immanuel (the 4 Kulix), Rotterdam
  • Galerie Pilardus (solo), Cannes
  • Memberships Aquarellista! (promotion of aquarelle - founder)
  • NABK (Association professional artists, the Netherlands)
  • Association Ambre France (promotion of quality Contemporary Art)
  • Art Tisse (Artothèque)
  • Marina Artists Team (guild – founder)
  • The Saatchi Gallery
  • Commissions Portrait of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, for the Dutch Consulate in Nice
  • 4 Portraits for « Pink Ribbon »
  • 6 Portraits for «the Cancer Association» USA
  • Portraits (people, pets)
  • Aquarelles of property for Business’ and Consumers
  • Education & Experience
  • 1976 – 1981 Academy of Arts “Artibus”, The Netherlands.
  • Diploma Monumental Design, 1981 - drawing, graphics, painting.
  • 1979 – 2000 Exhibitions solo and in groups in the Netherlands, Belgium, Scandinavia and the UK
  • 1981 – 1986 Educational Cultural work, Museum of Hilversum, The Netherlands
  • 1986 – 2000 Part Time Artist
  • Illustrations, commissions portraits (people, pets)
  • Mother of 2 girls
  • Director Marketing BMCS (Fortune 500, NYSE)
  • No Siret 509 854 824 00018
  • No Md Artistes Z061634

Marina's ‘Big Rose’ for STOP AIDS NOW is highly requested. She has now made silk screen prints available. They are hand signed, titled and numbered. The print can be ordered here.